About Us

WIMS though established in 2017, this family owned business based out of Michigan began in the early 80's.  The vision was created between two high school sweethearts.  Together we  strive to provide stability, work ethic and opportunities for our family.


WIMS is our mark on the world based on our journey and experiences. 


Our brand is built on the strength, courage and wisdom of a United States Army Combat Veteran. We now want to inspire you to share your story while wearing our products.


"Don't judge my journey, walk in my shoes", is fundamentally based in not only where you have come from but more importantly where you are going!

As you wear our apparel know that we too have a journey and a story to share.  You can now share your story though our clothing. We want to inspire and motivate you to speak out and wear WIMS proudly!


All products are made to order.